• The Epic Fat Diminisher Review & Results Guide

    An in-depth look at Wesley Virgin's popular fat loss system. Does it work? Who is it for? Is it worth the price? We cover everything you need to know before buying

  • Wondering if The Program Really Works? We Followed It To The End

    A Complete Guide by People Who Have Completed The Program

    This review of the Fat Diminisher is based on our real-world experience with it. We've completed the program in full, along with a handful of other similar programs for comparison.

    How to Use This Guide to The Fat Diminisher Diet

    We've broken up this document into several different sections covering ALL aspects of the program and the results it provides. Feel free to use the links below to jump to different sections, or just read through from the beginning:

    1. What is the program and how does it work?
    2. Who is Wes Virgin, the program's creator?
    3. What do you actually get when you purchase?
    4. Foods, meals and recipes in the program
    5. How the program uses herbs & minerals for fat loss
    6. Before and after photos from customers
    7. Customer quotes, thoughts and feedback
    8. Should you but it, and how to get the lowest price?
  • Does The Fat Diminisher Work, and How?

    Details about how the program achieves fat loss for customers

    How Does the Program Work?

    The primary way the Fat Diminisher Diet enables you to lose weight effectively is by changing the eating habits in a way that works for the long term. It trains you to eat more fruits and vegetables, while removing simple carbohydrates and fatty cuts of meat. At the same time, minerals and herbal supplements are added daily to help keep metabolism high and maximize the efforts of an individual.


    This sustainable approach to healthier eating combined with some basic exercise is what gets the program's impressive results very quickly.


    Explains Things in Easy to Understand Detail


    A problem that is far too common in diet plans is they tell you what to do but never go into detail about why you’re doing something - so you question it. The Fat Diminisher Diet explores not only the what but also the why. You’re gaining more of an understanding and taking away real knowledge from the reading material. This gives you real confidence in what you're doing, so you're much more likely to see it through.


    This programs is designed to give you information you know, trust and will implement long-term in to your day-to-day life.


    Pushes Your Metabolism Into Overdrive


    As you exercise more, increase the amount of water you drink and eat foods that are better for you, there is a spike in your metabolism. This spike is then set into overdrive by consume a unique set of minerals and herbs and the weight begins to melt from your frame. Before you know it, you’re burning calories as you sleep and that translates to a trimmer waistline. All thanks to the unique diet and exercise plan that is laid out in The Fat Diminisher Diet.


    Uses Vegetables Correctly for Fat Loss


    One of the ways calories are cut, fiber is boosted and your health is improved is with the increase in vegetables. Unlike other high protein plans that remove almost every vegetable from your diet, The Fat Diminisher Diet has you consume plenty of fruits and vegetables from the onset. It then helps you to focus on better eating habits that are proven to help you to lose weight and to improve your nutrition.


    You’ll find yourself naturally reaching for fresh fruit and vegetables as you realize they do taste better than most snacks and leave you feeling satisfied. It also tells you which fruits and veggies to avoid for fat loss - which is actually very important.


    Lowers Cholesterol Levels and Boosts Brain Power


    As the foods you consume change, so does your body chemistry. The foods that help you to boost your metabolism also help to lower your cholesterol levels and improve your concentration. After all, you’re spending less time thinking about food and more of your time is being focused on the things that are around you. This is an important for those who find that they struggle to make it through the day and have no idea why. You'll develop healthy habits with this program, instead of relying on will power.


    Everything is Mapped Out and Easy to Follow


    One of the reasons this program works so well for people is because there is no second guessing. You don’t have to sit there and decide what you should be eating and which exercises you need to do. Daily exercises and meal plans are laid out in the book. You just have to follow it.


    But Does it Actually Work For Real, Everyday People?

    The answer here is a definite yes. The next section in this Fat Diminisher review contains before and after photos from customers so you can see the typical results. We also have included a customer feedback section with quotes from users.


    The program is created to work in the real world. Wes Virgin understands people are pressed for time and large elaborate menus and exercises aren’t realistic. Because of that, he takes the time to help you to plan things out so that you can remain successful at all times. This includes sections on eating out and how to handle the need to eat when you have only a few minutes to make something. This 'real-world' every day approach is one of the reasons customers are so successful with the program.

  • Fat Diminisher Before & After Photos

    Here are some other customers who have been through the program and were willing to share their before and after pictures


    Houston, Texas

    Crystal managed to lose over 30 pounds on fat using the program. She also reduced her size by several inches - from starting at a size 15 she'd managed to get down to size 9 after implementing Wes's recommendations inside the program.


    Houston, Texas

    Over a 6 week period Charles was able to drop 40 pounds, the vast majority of which was fat. This also gave him the ability to stop spending over $200 monthly on prescriptions for diabetic medications.



    Detroit, MI

    In 30 days Linda lost almost 30 pounds by following Wes Virgin's Fat Diminsher Diet.


    Rockford, IL

    James, during his first 4 weeks following Wes's program, managed to reduce his weight by 20 pounds and also vastly improve the way he feels day-to-day.

    Patricia Wron

    38 pounds in less than 1 month

    Patricia is one of the program's most successful customers. She lost nearly 40 pounds out of necessity after her health became dangerously bad


    Little Rock, AR

    Jennifer wrote this email to Wes Virgin explaining how she was averaging over 7 pounds per week weight loss.


    Toledo, OH

    Lost almost 30 pounds in her first 30 days of following Wes's recommendations.


    Charston, West Virginia

    Had a wedding approaching and wanted to get in shape. She managed to drop 3 dress sizes in a month, and shed 20 pounds of body fat.

    Nancy Babson

    Takima, Washington

    Total weight loss of 53 pounds. This occurred over a 60 day period following the program.

  • What Do I Get With The Fat Diminisher Ebook Download?

    Here's what you actually receive when making a purchase

    The Fat Diminisher System PDF

    Step-by-step guide to getting the results you want

    This is the main component in the program and where you'll learn the most.


    This E-book explains all of the principles in detail, why they work and what you need to do to get results.


    All of the recipes, meal plans and day-to-day details of exactly what to do and when are contained in this guide. That includes the exercise portion too.

    Most Powerful Sex Foods & Stimulants

    Eating to improve your love life

    In this PDF, Wes explains how to improve the joy in your love life and sex life. There are stimulants to give you more energy and to help you to become more fulfilled.


    Each supplement is covered in great detail so you're able to understand what it does and what to expect.


    As you progress through this section, you’ll also discover some exercises that can help you to further enhance your sex lift. A great read!


    The Truth About Veggies

    Imformative guide to the best fat loss vegetables

    This e-book is designed to open your eyes to the many vegetables out there.


    Most people don’t realize that some of the vegetables they are eating on diets are counterproductive. This insightful guide explores the nutritional value of vegetables and then explores which vegetables can actually help you to burn off more weight.

  • Wes Virgin - All About the Creator of The Fat Diminisher Diet Program

    Who exactly is Wes, and should you trust him?

    A Profile of Wes Virgin

    Wes Virgin is probably not a name you instantly recognize. He hasn’t been part of any celebrity diet stories or on any television shows. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t someone you should know. Wes Virgin has earned a degree of notoriety for creating this now famous fat loss program.


    Over the years, he has built a fitness empire with a focus on helping people. His goal is to help people slim down and improve their healthy in the process. He is a champion for those who struggle with reaching these goals and pushes them hard to lose weight and to succeed.


    At the same time, he is a father of two children who practices what he preaches. In his home, he teaches his children positive eating habits and encourages them to exercise. His passion is good health and he goes above and makes sure the people who are most important to him understand how to achieve it.


    From there, he heads to his normal 9 to 5 job and continues to preach about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. When he isn’t acting as a motivational speaker to groups, he is training his clients and helping them to reach their fitness goals. He teaches them exercise routines that maximize their efforts in the gym, and creates a list of healthy meals to enjoy. After all, the goal is to have his clients actually see results when he is working with them. This leads to a reduced risk of diabetes, heart disease and other concerns that are associated with obesity.


    This doesn’t all stem from The Fat Diminisher Diet either. Wes Virgin has actually been working in the health and fitness industry for many years as a personal trainer and the developer of 7 Day Fitness. This online community allows people from across the globe to work together to improve their health and to be a support system for each other. When someone struggles, the group can chime in and help to keep them motivated and to press onward towards their goals. This community has received a lot of praise over the years and has remained one of the projects Wes Virgin is proud of.


    Even with this online empire, Wes realized he did need to have more options out there for people to turn to. He knew that while a support network is good, it didn’t map out what people needed to do to succeed. That’s why he created The Fat Diminisher. With it, he created a fully detailed diet and exercise program that could help a person to achieve the results they wanted. The program was laid out to support those who had the time and funds to go to the gym, along with those who weren’t able to spend that much time away from the home. With this program, he created a real system that people could count on.


    Still, Wes didn’t want this to become like other fad diets that have plagued the industry. He didn’t want it to be overly restrictive where people gave up because they felt like they were missing out. At the same time, he wanted to ensure that following his diet, people didn’t do more harm than good to their body. With the perfect balance, he created a piece that people could turn to and legitimately and safely lose the extra weight they had. He took things a step further by using his understanding of the topic and explained in detail why things were being done. This additional explanation allows people to gain a better understanding of things to help them to succeed.


    Wes Virgin even pulls from his own personal experiences to help people succeed. As part of his program, he uses the time he spent in the Army to help build on the exercises listed. This section has individuals performing many of the same exercises he learned there and the proper way to execute them. After all, this is where he transformed his body from a scrawny kid into a powerful, muscular man.


    Overall Wes Virgin is a man who is compassionate family man whose main focus is on helping people achieve healthy, sustainable fat loss.


  • Fat Diminisher Foods and Recipes - What Meals Will I Be Eating?

    Here's what you need to know about eating and drinking on Wes's program

    Foods, Meal Plans and Recipes

    When was the last time you were on a diet that you actually enjoyed? Too often, diets are restrictive and remove everything but fruits and vegetables with a tiny sliver of meat and tell you to survive on it.


    While that’s fine for a rabbit, it doesn’t work for most of us. So when a diet comes along that offers more, you’re more likely to stick with it right? The Fat Diminisher Diet by Wesley Virgin takes a realistic approach to dieting. While you do need to make some lifestyle changes, there are some delicious meals you are certain to love.


    If a person were to compare the menu to another diet on the market, it would be The Atkins Diet. That doesn’t mean this is a rehashing of this diet by any means. Instead, it removes foods that are high in simple carbohydrates and increases the amount of protein that a person consumes. This helps to jump start the weight loss process.


    An example of a Fat Diminisher recipe would be something like a baked salmon in asparagus. This recipe would have you wrap both the asparagus and salmon in some foil with butter and spices. You’d then place this foil back on a cookie sheet and stick it in the oven for about 20 minutes. When you are done, open it up, spritz it with lemon juice and you have a delicious meal that is filling and low in calories.


    Like Atkins, these diets remove many fruits and vegetables at first that are high in carbohydrates. While you are told to stay away from some of them for good, others are slowly introduced back into your diet. After all, fruits and vegetables play an important role in your long term health.


    Water is also critical for your diet. The Fat Diminisher Diet does require you drink at least three liters per day. That might sounds like a lot but it is really easy to do. This increased water consumption helps you to avoid feeling hungry during the day. At the same time, you’ll remove toxins that can build up in your system and damage it. That makes it vital that you are consuming enough water.


    Whole grains also play an important role in the diet. When you begin the program, simple carbohydrates are removed from the menu. This helps your body to begin boosting your metabolism and allows you to start taking off the weight. Complex carbohydrates are then introduced into the diet that provide you with fiber and nutrition so you can continue to lose weight.


    So what kind of foods are included in this diet?

    • Lean proteins (like chicken, turkey, and fish)
    • Low carbohydrate vegetables (like sprouts, lettuce, spinach and kale)
    • Complex carbohydrates (like brown rice)
    • Fluids (like water, tea, coffee)

    Unlike other diets, The Fat Diminisher Diet doesn’t prevent you from eating out. Instead, it explores some of the things you can eat when you go out with your family. After all, the last thing you want to do on the diet is to have a cheat day that progressively gets out of hand and before you know it, you’ve consumed 3,000 calories in a single meal.


    The program is designed to educate you so you can continue to eat in the real world. But as you discover the smart choices you can make, it is possible for you to enjoy eating again. After all, you are occasionally going to allow yourself something like a slice of cake, while knowing the simple adjustments you can make during the day to allow for it. That is a sense of freedom you can have on the program.


  • Herbs & Minerals Used in The Fat Diminisher

    This program is well know for using herbs and minerals for weight loss.


    If you could take a few supplements and be almost guaranteed weight loss, would you do it? According to Wes Virgin, there are certain herbs and minerals you can take that will melt away the body fat. While it definitely sounds like a dream come true, the question is whether or not there is any validity to these claims. So how does the diet use herbs and minerals to help with weight loss, and do they really work?


    These Supplements Stimulate Your Metabolism


    Most overweight individuals have a slow metabolism. As you age and stop exercising as much as you once did, your metabolism levels begin to decrease. When you begin to take mineral and herbal supplements and combine them with diet and exercise, you’ll find that your metabolism levels can return to normal levels. Before you know it, you are burning weight, even when you are sitting in front of the computer working. That alone can motivate you to work through The Fat Diminisher Diet and try the recommended list of herbs and minerals.


    The Program Uses Proven NATURAL Fat Burners to Melt Away the Pounds


    When you begin to look through the supplements The Fat Diminisher recommends, you’ll find that this isn’t your typically rehashed list of supplements. The reason is many supplements like caffeine have dangerous side effects when taken in high dosages. The supplements and minerals on the list are designed to be safe when taken them as described in the PDF. They're also 100% optional.


    Herbs and Minerals Designed to Help Anyone Lose Weight


    Since everyone isn’t built the same, it is tough to find a perfect formula that works every time. Instead of taking a one size fits all attitude to things, Wes Virgin breaks down the different options that can help everyone to shed extra pounds based on their body type. This increases the rate of success and can help you to get the results you are looking for. Before you know it, you’ll be shedding those unwanted pounds and feeling better, thanks to the increase in the amount of nutrients in your system. In fact, many people find that some of their underlying conditions are the direct result of a nutrient deficiency and following this diet may help to solve that.


    Example #1 - Chromium


    Many customers take this critical mineral as it helps to maintain insulin levels. When insulin is better managed, people experience fewer blood sugar spikes and this allows the body to enter a thermogenesis stage. Some studies even suggest that adults who exercise and take this mineral do produce leaner muscle tissue.


    Example #2 - Calcium


    Studies suggest that taking at least 1,000 milligrams each day can help you to shed unwanted pounds. Calcium is also good for the heart and your bones, so it is definitely a supplement you want to include in your diet. Wes recommends it.


    Example #3 - Ginseng


    If you’ve ever looked at weight loss drugs, you’ll notice that ginseng is often included. The reason is that there is evidence that suggests ginseng has the potential to boost your metabolism levels and boost energy. This means you can burn more weight in your downtime and have the willpower to do those vigorous workouts when you add it into your daily set of supplements.


    Example #4 - Cinnamon


    Yes, it tastes great. But did you also know cinnamon was good for you? Cinnamon is believed to supercharge the metabolism and help to prevent spiking blood sugar levels. That means when you take it, you have a chance of slimming down as you look and feel better.


    There are more included in the program, but these should give you an idea of what to expect.

  • Typical Fat Diminisher Results and Quotes From Customers

    See what verified customers have to say...

    Jason K. Hewitt - Texas

    "I started the Fat Diminisher Diet six months ago. Skeptical at first, I really didn’t give it any real effort until the second week. I went from 240 pounds to 200 pounds. I can honestly say I am impressed with this diet"

    Lisa D - Phoenix, AZ

    "Wow. Used this plan to try and slim down for my wedding dress. I managed to lose 20 pounds! I couldn’t believe how great I looked in my gown! I’d easily recommend this to a friend!"

    Beth L - Boston, MA

    "The diet is hard and I would let people know up front, you need to change the way you eat. But I started at 175 pounds and I did lose 30 pounds. 145 was my target weight. Now, I keep using the information I learned on the program and feel great. If you want a miracle diet, this isn’t the right one for you. But if you want something that works and have the drive, you can’t go wrong"

    Real Results for Real People

    What you see here are real people who are losing real weight while they’re doing The Fat Diminisher Diet. When you begin the plan, you have nothing to lose but the weight. The detailed PDF file will guide you through the entire process and help you to achieve real results. It’s presented in a manner that is easy to understand so you can continue to follow it for years to come.


    There are a number of people who report serious health programs before they begin the diet. They have high blood pressure, dangerous levels of cholesterol and even joint pain. When they begin the diet and the follow it as it is written, the weight begins to drop off their body. As it does, they experience an improvement to their overall health. Blood pressure numbers become normalized, cholesterol levels can improve and the strain on their joints lesson.


    What if you could fit into the clothing everyone else is wearing this season? While you might be at a size 18 right now, in a few months you could drop down to a size 14 or even less. Weigh yourself once a week and measure your waist, thighs and arms and see real results as you continue to lose weight. This can be motivation enough to stick with the diet. Just keep in mind that at times, you’ll hit a plateau and you’ll need to push yourself harder to break through it. But once you do, you’ll find that you are back on track and ready to take on this diet and exercise plan again.

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